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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Solid piece of work. The main thing that threw me off was the odd usage of facial expressions. For a fairly serious piece, the expressions often seemed overly goofy. I guess it was nice that it didn't feel melodramatic, but it felt like there could be a better middle ground.

Also the ending was a good idea, but its presentation felt more like an afterthought. Maybe it could've been drawn out a little more, to let it sink in?

Overall though, nice job!

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TaraGraphika responds:

Thank you for givin' the time to write a review, It seems that I need to work more in delivering a solid character arc. Story and visually. I love how just about everybody agree on the ending but it was too abrupt. Definitely need some time to sink in more into the character.

Always grateful there are people out there who give me a helping hand. Love feedbacks and you!

Three Skins Without Men Three Skins Without Men

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fantastic as usual. It's very interesting that you've been trying this collage-style animation recently, it has an entirely different feel from your hand drawn stuff. It almost lends a sense of realism to the characters, while still remaining an entirely unique and surreal medium (especially given the unreal characters you create).

I'm also impressed by the length and style of this piece, considering how busy you must be with your movie.

Can you tell me, will your movie (The Meadow Man) be done in the same collage style, or in the hand drawn style of most of your work? Thanks for the wonderfully eerie animation as always.

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Made In China Made In China

Rated 4 / 5 stars

An odd combination of serious and silly. There was a lot of strength in this flash, in the music, the backgrounds, the detailed, stylized drawings of medical equipment, and the general atmosphere of fear and uncertainty. All of these made the flash engaging, both conceptually and artistically. But there was something else that was just off... mostly, it was the way the people were drawn. It seemed too light-hearted, and uncomfortably out of place in the darker, more serious atmosphere. But this was made worse by the occasional spastic and playful moments, which just didn't fit at all. I really do like your style for the most part, you just need to keep your style consistent, in the way you draw your characters and the way you use them. I hope to see more from you.

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Cube Escape: Arles Cube Escape: Arles

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really beautiful game. Easily one of the most original, interesting, and engrossing escape games I've played.

One thing that didn't make sense to me though... how am I supposed to know which liquid to put in which glass on the table? In the walkthrough you seem to gesture to the sketches on the wall as though they're some sort of hint, but I don't see how they could be. And I wouldn't expect it to be guess-and-check either because that's over 200 combinations to try.

Regardless, hope to see more stuff with this level of originality and artistry in it!

Orange Roulette Orange Roulette

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wow you nailed this game. I admit after my first attempt I was repulsed, because it made me feel almost nauseous with the fear and uncertainty. But I had to go back for more rounds... and I quickly realized that that's exactly what you were going for. The expressions, the characters, the shaky screen (and holy cow the faint images of your dead opponents in the later rounds? Fucking genius.) were all perfect. While this game was as far from enjoyable as possible, I applaud you for getting me so invested that I felt like I was playing the game for real. The orange puns throughout were not only a nice touch, but I think they are what make the game playable. If we didn't get constant reminders of just how ridiculous it is that the characters are oranges, then this game might actually become dangerous for the player's mental health.

So, five stars for a flawless delivery, and minus half a star because that flawless delivery made me sick to my stomach. I hope I can actually enjoy your next game, because I'm sure you'll do it perfectly too.

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take care of the trees take care of the trees

Rated 4 / 5 stars

What a strange, great game. Only disappointed it ended so quickly! Please bring us more bizarre, entertaining games, but longer next time! :)

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Escapism Escapism

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nice line work. Love how the hair's form seems to be departing from the more concrete features of the face.

Untitled Comic Issue #1 Untitled Comic Issue #1

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Love it. Social criticism, fight scenes, brahhs, peacoats.. it's got it all.

Screwed in Austin
Dicks are Everywhere
Hi, People Suck

Keep it up!

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KartuneHustla responds:

I like Hi, People Suck. Has a nice ring to it

The Politician Blues The Politician Blues

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very Thoughtful.

I like its mix of the more serious mood of loneliness in politics and the silly aspect of the tentacles. It captures the feel of how that kind of power can be overwhelming, and yet its ridiculous at the same time because hey... they rule the world.